Its coming up on the one year anniversary of NNc, and it's been quite the year for a lot of reasons.

All of the difficulties of this year really ripped away the bullshit. We're more aware now than ever of the things we hid from ourselves as a country, and with the loss that's occurred, I feel much more vulnerable than I ever have. It's a little funny to think back on the beginning of this project and how vulnerability was such a difficult concept for me to grasp, but now, at the end of these twelve months, it's really all that's left.

Keeping that in mind, however, I'm trying to use my fear as fuel, and to continue to put my work and myself out there. When I went through the worst times of this year, every time I talked to my mother, my partner, or my therapist, they all had the same recommendations: It's time to go to work.

So that's what I'm going to keep doing. The hiatus is over. Here I come.